Rachel Coll leaves practice to become a life coach


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Rachel Coll is a lawyer turned life coach. Although Rachel actually largely enjoyed practicing, she allowed herself to evolve and follow the threads that interested her. She ultimately felt called to get into coaching. It did require pushing through some discomfort and external judgment around the decision, but she has now built a successful full-time practice.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Rachel largely enjoyed her practice first as a public prosecutor, then at the Board of Elections
  • Rachel came to a place in her personal life where she hired a life coach, and that ended up changing her trajectory
  • Rachel became a certified life coach on the side
  • She didn’t leave law because she didn’t enjoy practice, but because she felt drawn more strongly to something else
  • Although other people warned her otherwise, she always felt she could go back to law after coaching
  • Rachel’s practice has evolved from relationship coaching for lawyers to more general practice around embracing your full self and owning it
  • You don’t have to have a huge problem or official diagnosis to justify getting help
  • Trust if you’re called to something that it’s worth pursuing

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