French Revolution, the Reign of Terror, and Rewriting History (Part 3) [E157]


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French Revolution began 150 years of chaos, war, bloodshed, revolution…. Each movement being eaten by the next…

France in the 1789 had LOTS of problems: high tax on poor, Rich, oppression etc. CLEARLY in need of Revolution. America had just gone through their own revolution. But the ideal of these two revolutions were VERY different.

In America, the Puritan and Protestants came over in search from religious freedom. They adopted ideas of Milton on freedom of speech and the dangers of censorship.

They adopted believed in the premise that the INDIVIDUAL was the supreme expression of the state. And the state was in place to EMPOWER the individual.

John Adams’ Declaration of the Rights of the Inhabitants of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, ratified in 1780, provides the basic framework for American governing philosophy:

“All men are born free and equal, and have certain natural, essential, and unalienable rights; among which may be reckoned the right of enjoying and defending their lives and liberties; that of acquiring, possessing, and protecting property; in fine, that of seeking and obtaining their safety and happiness.”

Note: This put the power and responsibility into the hands of the individual. Liberty in the hand of the individual… the seeking and obtaining safety and happiness was the individual’s responsibility.

France’s 1789 Declaration of the Rights of Man is an ode to the collective. “The principle of all sovereignty resides essentially in the nation. No body nor individual may exercise any authority which does not proceed directly from the nation,” it states. “Law is the expression of the general will.”

The guide of the French Revolution was not liberty—but “Equality”. Not individual freedom—but the government responsibility to level the playing field and give equity to all people.

The America Revolution the PEOPLE gave power to the government, in the French the GOV/collective give power to the people.

In the years following the American revolution we see peaceful governance.

In the years following the French Revolution we see the Reign of Terror with mass execution “for the common good” . . . they hunted down nobles and business owners and beheaded them without trials.

The premise was IF there was an inequality it was due to oppression—and oppression must be punished “To punish the oppressors of humanity is clemency; to forgive them is cruelty” Robespierre

EQUALITY was more important that LIBERTY.

Maximilien Robespierre was monumental in sparking the French revolution… and ironically he was also lead to the guillotine when the people decided he too had too much power and an oppressor.

That is the issue here—one of many in the post modern marxist ideologies… those who lead the revolution often meet the same fate and the fury of the movement for equality continues to eat those who bring leadership.

It is the ouroboros —the self eating snake. Self destructive never satisfying force of chaos and destruction.

The French Revolution was lead by ANTI religious. It was largely sparked by an Anti-Clerical movement—AKA secularism.

They created a new religion to replace the Roman Catholic Church (which was in desperate need for reform). But instead of reforming—the torn it down, killed 16000+ clergy and nobles, and set up the Cult of Reason. Doing away with God—Mandated religion.

(Note the difference—freedom of religion vs MANDATE religion. Individual freedom and liberty vs subject to the state to press for equality.)

So—is the fact that it was a revolution that makes this Totalitarian? By no means—America had a revolution around the same time but the ideas and results were very different.

The French revolution was Totalitarian in idealogy because the idea was absolutely control over the individual for the sake of “equality” and with that came state mandated religion—a very different idea from the America Revolution—Freedom of religion.

First came the “Cult of Reason” that supplanted the Catholic church (Supplanting one mandated religion with another)

Here is where is gets really crazy and we see the extreme censorship and control of media and the totality of Totalitarian even in their erasure and rewriting of history.

Post Modern Leftist revolutions seek to erase and rewrite history so the past can completely be forgotten so that there is NO OTHER option—no descending voice—no other way of thinking.

The “Cult of Reason” Did away with the Gregorian calendar and set up a NEW calander to erase christianity, religion, and the past.

(Tear everything down and start over mentality VS let us learn from the past and slowly improve upon the foundations)

What did they do?

First introduced in 1788 and adopted in Oct 1793 – did away with 7 day week, replaced with 10 days.

Three “Dedaces” instead of week. With the name of the months being “snow” Rain, Vintange, fruits, heat, harvest, seedtime.

Replace the names of the Greek Roman Gods with scientific names.

Replaced all the Christian Holiday with holidays around the State and Political events (Putting Science and Government as God)

Each of the 360 days in the year was named for a seed, tree, flower, fruit, animal, or tool, replacing the saints’-day names and Christian festivals.

If you remember from the previous episode on the traits of Totalitarian cult they want TOTAL control, total control of media, of thought, ideas, they re-write history and ideas so that their ideologies have no beginning middle or end.

Why? Because if there is a beginning that means there could be a NOTHER option of thinking. And another option outside of their control is the greatest danger.

This Calendar lasted until January 1, 1806 when Napoleon did away with the old new way, and reestablished the catholic church and the Gregorian calendar.

Liberalism accepts and is open to criticism to they can find, and accept what they are doing wrong in order to correct their mistakes (slowly line by line improving society) Totalitarianism and the ideas that drove the French Revolution were “Tear everything down and START OVER” Don’t accept criticism. Don’t allow another narrative. Control everything.

The result?

Some would argue that the French revolution didn’t end until the 1950s when France joined the EU. For 150 years France cycled through revolution and instability.

  • French Revolution (1789–1792)
  • French First Republic (1792–1799)
  • First Empire (1804–1814)
  • Bourbon restoration (1814–1830)
  • July Monarchy (1830–1848)
  • Second Republic (1848–1852)
  • Second Empire (1852–1870)
  • Third Republic (1870–1940), until 1914
  • Paris Commune (1871)
  • Royalist domination (1871–1879)
  • "Radicals" (1879–1914)

150 years of chaos, war, bloodshed, revolution…. Each movement being eaten by the next…

We must be awake and aware of the warning sign of marxist groups like Black Lives Matter . . . warning sign that could ultimately lead to your own destruction as the movement begins to eat itself.

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