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Hello hello! Welcome to the Marriage & Motherhood Podcast! My name is Michelle Purta and I am a life and marriage coach for moms. When I’m not helping women have healthier and happier marriages, I am spending time with family or friends! While mom life can feel soo rewarding, it can also feel like losing yourself. You trade in your self care for self sacrifice and your marriage feels more disconnected than ever. Well, here is the space where you get to be reminded that you’re not JUST a mom and that you get to be the woman, wife AND mom you desire to be, because when you’re happy, everyone wins. We’re not living out our lives like the previous generations, where the women sacrifice themselves and flaunt it like a badge of honor. We’re here to break cycles and enjoy our lives no matter what stage of motherhood we’re in - even if we literally don’t have any examples to look up to. If we haven’t met yet, let me share a little bit of my story! I did not grow up with a healthy example of what marriage could be like. Because of this, I picked up some bad habits that I took with me into all my relationships like: blaming, passive aggressiveness, lack of self awareness, and poor communication. Not only that, but becoming a mom changed me. I lost myself and found myself picking fights with my husband often. Home life became stressful and I started to hate who I was becoming. All of the issues that I thought were normal in relationships became more challenging. After years of seeing what path we were headed down, I started recognizing how much power I had to change our future to be a more positive one and realized how much I had to unlearn, process, take responsibility for and shift if I wanted things to get better. It wasn’t all on my husband to do all the changing, there were things I had the power to change as well! So I learned how to become more self aware, prioritize my wellbeing, honor my emotions, communicate more effectively, and be the partner my marriage deserved. This is exactly what I share with my clients and now I get to share all that with you on this show! From time to time, I’ll also bring in some guest experts who also support moms to truly help you live your best life. For more episodes and learn how you can start receiving support with your marriage, visit I am so excited to connect with you, come hang out with me in these other places too! IG: @michellepurtacoaching FB Community:

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