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This week on the Moment, Brian Koppelman talks to Starlee Kine, the host of the podcast Mystery Show. With the first five episodes of Kine’s show complete, Brian caught up with her to ask about the response she has received and how that differs from the way she thinks about creating it. Also, the two compare and contrast the character Kine plays on Mystery Show to her everyday self, how she is a lot less like the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew and more like Charles Dickens and Marina Abramovic, and whether earnest is the correct word to ascribe to the stories on the podcast. Plus, Kine discusses the origins of Mystery Show and how close she was to leaving the radio world altogether. Topics this week: Mystery Show – Episodes 1-5 The Sopranos Mad Men Breaking Bad Y Tu Mama Tambien a film by Alfonso Cuaron Law and Order The Killing True Detective Nancy Drew Hardy Boys This American Life– Episode 208: Office Politics Serial The Mystery of Al Capone’s Vaults The Moth: Waiting for Marina Abramovic Magnolia On The High Wire a book by Philippe Petit (Translation by Paul Auster) Reply All People this week: Starlee Kine DB Cooper Charles Dickens Hans Jordi Jake Gyllenhaal Mary Tyler Moore Lawrence Block Raymond Chandler Dashiell Hammett Geraldo Rivera Marina Abramovich Alex Goldman Alex Blumberg Twitter: @briankoppelman Email: Rate us on iTunes:

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