Episode #2009: Selling a Home During COVID-19 | Lawn and Garden How-to’s | Stopping Basement Floods | Kitchen Backsplashes with Tile


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This can be a challenging time for many things and that includes selling your house! If you are planning to do that this summer, Tom and Leslie share the key improvements that need to get done first to nail a quick sale at the highest possible price. Plus…

This summer, most of us will be spending more time at home and enjoying our outdoor spaces. And for DIY’rs, there’s more interest than ever in updating and maintaining lawns. We get expert tips to help from the team at Troy-Built, a company that’s has been around since 1927 -- when they invented the first gas powered rototiller (and if you are a gardener you are probably sure glad they did!)

  • Wet basements are a problem all across the United States, in every climate and every type of home. But while many people think that fixing leaky or damp basement is expensive and complicated – it’s NOT! The easy fix is just ahead.
  • One fun kitchen project that can deliver a big impact AND get done in a single weekend, is a new kitchen backsplash. We share ideas on how to do that with tile.

Plus, we answer your home improvement questions about, replacing shower parts, eliminating basement moisture, determining roof leaks, removing moss from your roof.

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