#74: Daniel Thomas Hind


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This week on the show, Daniel Thomas Hind joined me for the second time. He was one of the first guests I interviewed on the show. Last time, we talked primarily about nutrition, health, and fitness. Since then, Daniel has been in this rollercoaster of a journey both in life and as an entrepreneur.

This time, we dived in a deep, open, and intense conversation on his experiences as an entrepreneur and the truths behind it.

Daniel and I discuss:

  • Daniel’s insane year running two start-up businesses simultaneously (EvolutionEat and The Vanguard) and partnering with LA Weekly, the second biggest media outlet in Los Angeles.

  • How Daniel grew his team dramatically from 2 part-time employees and a handful service providers to nearly 50 employees, providers, partners, and crew members in just 6 months.

  • How running two businesses, building an entire 6-month digital course for EvolutionEat, enrolling in two high-end masterminds, traveling throughout the country to attend events, graduating from a year-long intensive ICF-accredited coaching program, eventually led to burnout.

  • How he failed and ended up sharing shares back to his partners and how said incident caused him to experience burnout, depression, and embarrassment.

  • Major takeaways he learned and what it really means to be a CEO.

  • On doing the things that truly matters and how he learned things the hard way.

More about Daniel

Daniel Thomas Hind is the CEO of the health transformation company, EvolutionEat. He is also a peak performance coach for executives and entrepreneurs. He has devoted his life to self-mastery.

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