Interview With Scott Berks from Chicago Geocacher and The Geocaching Podcast


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Last Week..

Failed attempt at an EarthCache - Castle Rock EarthCache Nottingham (GC27063)

But we did find The Hemlock Stone - Fact or Fiction (GC20EW1)

BananaSource on June's The UK Geocaching Podcast

BananaSource in GeoPaul's Kent Mega 1 vlog

Puzzle Cache..

We've been trying to solve Final Destination (GC54F7G) for a while. We finally made a breakthrough.

Roving Report..

Our first listener roving report comes in from 7 year old Zac, who went Geocaching in London with his Dad.

Dumb things Geocachers do..

BananaSources brush with the seedy use of Forbes Hole Nature Reserve whilst out searching for Whomping Willow (GC3C8ZN)

Couldn't resist including this one from DarrylW4, as he rightfully pokes fun at a BananaSource spelling mistake:

I suspect that the Geocaches do all sorts of dumb things since they don't have brains. How about not running to higher ground as the flood water approach? That's pretty dumb. They've ended up miles downstream. ;-)As for the Geocachers, I'd say underestimating the difficulty, or overestimating their skills. I once went down to retrieve a cache thinking it would be easier than it was to climb back up. It turns out there was a rope in another cache just for us to use to climb back out, but I did it just slipping a little and grabbing the hands from a couple friends up top.


The GCDoc..

Hey Mark!

I was just catching up on your recent podcast episode 30 after getting back from GeoWoodstock XII.

I just wanted to say that I really appreciated your story about how Geocaching positively impacted your life. It was great to hear your personal story, and I'm sure there are tons of people out there that have similar experiences while geocaching.

I know for me personally, geocaching has been a great morale booster when I'm stuck in the struggles and stress of daily life. No matter how down I feel, going geocaching, watching geocaching videos and listening to podcasts like yours always puts a smile on my face!

A big thanks to what you guys do, and keep it up

Justin aka TheGCDoc

Yorkshire Yellow..

Dear DrD,

Lets not argue.

Shall we call a truce?

Let's be friends.


Yorkshire Yellow

Ask Doctor D..

TWU (Mr Yuck) - "I recently went through the official process and adopted my first cache. Since I am now the owner, should I go back and delete my find on it from 5 years ago?"

News & Events..

John Phillimore - How about a shout out for "A Wild (West) Christmas 2014" camping event near Calne, Wiltshire, Southern England there's still a handful of pitches left for anyone who would like to join in the mayhem 20th to 23rd June. Only 17 sleeps to go :). GC4V4X2

Brent Smith - The Great Norfolk to Norfolk TB Race. Two Races Between Norfolk UK and Norfok ON CA. One starting in each county and finishing in the other. First 3 to finish in each race will recive a custom Geocoin

Summer Solstice Camping by BenandJules | GC4V874 | Eastern England, United Kingdom

24 Hours by Jacaru | GC50G7P | East Midlands, United Kingdom

Gemma's 1000th find. "Carvery and Cake !!!" by Wan512 | GC5657F | East Midlands, United Kingdom

24 Hours Later by Jacaru | GC50G8B | East Midlands, United Kingdom

Summer Solstice Second Sunset Sighting by meltdiceburg | GC51EWM | West Midlands, United Kingdom

Summer Solstice in Barley by trebor nosnwot | GC55GRB | Northwest England, United Kingdom

Northants Natters #18: Picnic in the park by cannonfodder32 | GC55XH7 | East Midlands, United Kingdom

BBH On Tour - Two Birthdays One Bash by FreeWillCachers | GC554DR | Eastern England, United Kingdom

The Happening 31 by Mr Parker | GC56939 | Eastern England, United Kingdom

The Question is.....June by The Amasons | GC50D3W | East Midlands, United Kingdom

NWCMM: Summer@The Spinners by Zomblou | GC5505Z | Northwest England, United Kingdom

Other News..

The UKCacheMag (issue 13) was released last week - haven't seen it yet? Go to

Only Googlebot Reads This Blog by Dave DeBaeremaeker Long Way Round: Little Free Tardis

Video of the Week..

Engalnd's FIRST ever GEOCACHE! by GeoPaul

Scott Berks Interview..

When it comes to tangents Scott is King...its our pleasure to tangent with him.

Scotts Hides, mentioned in the interview:

Codemonkeys - webdesign 101 GC1P7MH

Codemonkeys - webdesign 201 GC1PEJJ

Codemonkeys - webdesign 301 GC1R9Q8

Codemonkeys - webdesign 401 (know your roots) GC1TEV4

Codemonkeys - webdesign FINAL EXAM GC1TXMW

80's Movie Cache #1 - Ferris Bueller's Day Off GC1FGDX

80's Movie Cache #2 - The Breakfast Club GC1FHQP

80's Movie Cache #3 - She's Having A Baby GC1G08E

80's Movie Cache #4 - Weird Science GC1NH35

80's Movie Cache #5 - RIP John Hughes GC1WYA4

Scott's bucket list cache:

Nauru 01 A cache by allen.sebastian

Scott describes Jewocaching Day.

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