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Do you have a hard time recognizing the man staring back at you when you look in the mirror? Does it seem like all of a sudden your wife isn’t paying attention to you, you’re exhausted after playing with your kids, and you feel embarrassed to take your shirt off in public? Don’t worry. You are definitely not alone, and the amazing news is that you have the power within you to transform not only your physical self but your inner self as well. And The Optimal Alpha Podcast: Fitness, Fat Loss, and MENtorship for the Modern Man, hosted by Andy Naylor is going to help get you there. Andy is a men’s physique transformation expert, competitive physique champion, and a multi 6 figure business owner who has helped thousands of busy, high-achieving men get into the BEST shape of their lives, and reconnect with their inner ALPHA. On The Optimal Alpha Podcast, Andy is going to share with you his playbook on feeling healthy again, avoiding the common pitfalls successful men fall into, dropping 20-30 pounds of fat, and building a physique you can finally be proud of. Let’s forget the physical transformations for a bit. You’re going to learn how meeting your personal goals will help support your professional achievements and if you’re looking to land that next promotion, hit that next income level in your business, or even semi-retire to live out your dreams, this is the show for you. Dropping excess fat and transforming your life both inside and out can feel overwhelming and even impossible. The Optimal Alpha Podcast is here to offer you clarity, direction, and new perspectives to make it seem like something you can actually do (because you can) and with expert coaching and support from Andy, you will. Like and subscribe to the show now so you don’t miss a single episode.

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