Carl Caylor's Wish for the Photography Industry


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Carl Caylor

If a genie granted Carl Caylor one wish for the Photography Industry, what would he request? A Photographer since the 80's, and an instructor much of that time, Carl has walked through the seismic digital shift, and the accompanying business recycle. He's no stranger to change.

And he also happens to be a published author! Click the link below to find his book on Amazon.

In today's episode of The PhotoTellers, you'll hear how Carl's High School wrestling coach gently encouraged Carl to pursue photography: "Help the yearbook or run laps." [I think it's safe to say that no kid has ever been cajoled from Photography into wrestling.]

Other tidbits of interest from our conversation:

  • Why enter print competition?
  • What's next for Carl as a Photographer?
  • Once you've established a successful business, why bother pressing your own Photography boundaries?
  • Consider a different mentality about advertising our work--it's about enjoying the product
  • What surprises people about Carl's job as a Photographer?
  • Why should someone attend TX School? What makes it different from other schools?

Check out some more of Carl's work at

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