Photographer Cami Grudzinski on Her Growth through Struggle


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At 18 years old, she found herself without a family. Soon thereafter, a scholarship brought her from her home in Brazil to the United States--alone. Four years ago, she photographed her first wedding. Now she photographs 50 weddings per year, and is an ambassador for Wescott and MagMod.

By most standards, the story of Cami Grudzinski could be considered a tragedy--unless you talk to Cami! Listen in and hear her vibrancy, gratitude, and enthusiasm for life . . . and how the pursuit of Photography changed everything for her!

"I got tired of people telling me what to do or not to do. I got tired of life bringing me all of these blocks on the road, and I decided to do what I wanted--to follow my heart." -Cami

What can you expect from Cami's conversation on The PhotoTellers?

  • Her first photography job at Disney
  • How she landed her first wedding 4 years ago
  • Her encouragement for the Photographer who wants to be a better one
  • How she's able to photograph 50 weddings per year--and how she doesn't get bored
  • Why she's explored the painful parts of her life with photography, and the value therein
  • Her advice to other single moms who are Photographers
  • The legacy she wants to leave for her son

See Cami's work HERE. Or find her on Facebook HERE.

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