The Pioneering Practice by Amanda C. Watts


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Now is the time of the Pioneering Practice! Best selling author and marketing expert Amanda C. Watts shares her book 'The Pioneering Practice' as an audiobook. Described as 'The number 1 authority in marketing for accounting firms in the world' Amanda's insights will transform the way you market your accounting practice.
There is becoming a strong divide in the accounting industry. There are accounting practices that are pioneering their way forward whilst their competitors are still running their business in a traditional way. These pioneers are creating opportunities for themselves, attracting a grade clients, benefiting from greater profits and enjoying more freedom.
The Pioneering Practice is a masterclass in the 9 sales and marketing superpowers your accounting practice needs to implement over the next 12 months.
By applying these techniques you can:
>> De-comoditise your services and be seen as vital not functional
>> Create a strong brand that builds trust
>> Get recommended and referred A grade clients
>> Apply the clubhouse rule so you only work with clients you love and pay you well
>> Know how to market your practice with ease and confidence
>> Have a marketing system that delivers predictable revenue
Listen to The Pioneering Practice to transform your organisation's outdated mindset and learn the superpowers for accountants that will ensure you and your practice are VITAL (Valued, Impactful, Trusted, Agile, Lucrative).

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