Ep. 77: The US-China Tariff Battle


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A Trade War between the United States and China has dominated headlines and discussions across the world in 2018. Is this really a war? Is it a battle? Do all such metaphors distort discussions on trade? In Episode 77, Anupam Manur and Manoj Kewalramani talk to host Pavan Srinath about how this is really a US-China battle of tariffs and not a trade war.

Episode 77 & 78 are a two-episode special on The Pragati Podcast that demystifies ongoing economic conflict between the USA and China.

Anupam Manur and Manoj Kewalramani are fellows at the Takshashila Institution. Anupam is an economist who works on employment, market regulations and trade. Manoj is a China analyst, with a weekly newsletter Eye on China, on Pragati. https://www.thinkpragati.com/category/world/china/

Don't miss Episode 78 of the Pragati Podcast, where Anupam and Manoj continue the conversation and talk about how a US-China War for Technology may be starting right now.

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