Managing Content Through Influencer Marketing


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One of the misconceptions people have about Quiet Light is that we do more e-commerce than content transactions. Fun fact, our top two transactions ever have been content and SaaS deals.

Our guest today, Bruno Bornsztein, is a web entrepreneur who has conquered the content domain via his two websites, Curbly, and Mandmade DIY. Bruno is what we like to call an “old school” entrepreneur, someone who successfully combines his own web development expertise with entrepreneurship. Equal parts content creator, developer, businessman, and design aficionado, Bruno got his start during the wild west days of the influencer platform. Nowadays, he’s in the process of launching a new SaaS product to make success more fluid for influencers.

Episode Highlights:

  • The starting up of Curbly, the monetization, and the changes the site took on over the years.
  • At what point the site started publishing sponsored posts for large companies and how these companies found him.
  • We delve into the world of influencer marketing and how Bruno built a brand, rather than an individual, that then became the influencer.
  • We discuss how influencers should pull back from the spotlight rather than build that personal brand that cannot operate without their personal daily input.
  • The metrics that exist to measure the influencer impact.
  • Bruno talks about his transition from a content site to building his Influencer Kit Saas tool and the phase the product is in now.
  • The potential challenges in scaling The Influencer Kit quickly to meet market need.
  • The target clients for The Influencer Kit tool.


Joe: Mark, one of the things that I think is a bit of a misnomer here about Quiet Light is people think that we do much more e-commerce physical product business brokering than we do content. And in fact the largest transaction I’ve ever done, the top two have been content and SaaS. And I understand you had a friend of yours, Bruno from one of your Mastermind groups on to talk about both that … just both content and a new SaaS business that he’s got from his own content site. Can you chat about that?

Mark: Yeah of course. Yeah, Bruno … the guy is an old school entrepreneur and I’m doing air quotes right now for old school because in the world of the Internet is there an old school yeah? But in my opinion, he’s old school because the guy started out developing his own stuff. When he started his first business which is a home improvement blog. He developed the code himself, designed everything, and then he was writing the blog post as well. And now that he’s transitioning into a new SaaS product called InfluenceKit he’s once again developing the code on the backend and doing pretty much everything on his own and lives in that world of web development plus entrepreneurialism. A super, super smart guy when it comes to that side of it. So he and I actually … this podcast is really just he and I catching up online and walking down memory lane. But there were a couple of things that came out of this that I thought were fascinating. And one thing that I love about his business Curbly, and there’s a couple of other guys that I talked to here local to me in the content world, is they’re treating their businesses like influencers and they actually talk about it as influencer marketing. And I don’t know about you Joe but I … when I think of an influencer I think of that 21 year old model wearing sneakers and putting them on Instagram and getting paid just to post wearing those sneakers or is just like that right? The personality based influencers. But what these guys are doing is they have their blogs which are completely irrelevant to their personality and I’m not … calling

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