E23. The Experiences of Black Women in Engineering Industry w/ Paige Brown


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I had the pleasure of speaking with Mrs. Paige Brown.

Paige and I discussed her experience working as an electrical engineer & why her research interest is now on black women who pursue electrical engineering as a career. We even got into how she balances being a wife and a PhD student who at the time was pregnant with her beautiful baby. She also gets into the motivation behind her book Conqueror: A Black Woman’s Guide to Conquering Challenges in the Workplace, where she shares her work experience and helps you learn how to conqueror the workplace.


Mrs. Brown is a native of North Carolina and a graduate of North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University. She is an electrical engineer by trade but a passionate STEM education advocate and educator at heart.

Her love for working with students led her to pursue her Ph.D. in Engineering Education, where her current research interests involve understanding the experiences of black women in the engineering workforce (fueled by her own personal experiences) and K-12 engineering education of underrepresented minorities.

She plans to continue her work and strive for a greater impact in the field of engineering to provide a more inclusive environment for women of color and minorities.

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