State of the Industry with Michael Anderle


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State of the Industry with Michael Anderle

The Guys first met Michael Anderle right at the start of his journey in Self-Publishing. He had the (dubious) pleasure of riding in a car with them at a very early Smarter Artist Summit and immediately realized that the guys are exactly the same in person as they are on their podcast.

Michael is the award-nominated, internationally-bestselling author of more than 40 urban fantasy and science fiction novels. He’s also the co-author of many more with other authors under his company, LMBPN Publishing, which has now sold over 3 million books. Michael is also the co-founder of the popular 20BooksTo50K Facebook group and does events with Craig Martelle.

Listen in as the guys catch up with Michael and get real about shared universes, collaborations, rapid release, box set plays, KU vs. wide, where traditional publishing is going, international markets, and so much more.

You can find Michael Anderle at and on Twitter @lmbpn.

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