Episode 53: ISIS - "The Cheerleader"


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Isis "The Cheerleader" October 2, 1976

​A student at school cheats on a chemistry test and then frames the head of the cheerleading squad in the hopes of taking over the position.

John and Richard are back in the RV and making their final stops along the highways and byways of the land exploring those two Saturday morning series of the 70s we loved as kids - Shazam! and the Secrets of Isis. We start with an Isis episode, "The Cheerleader" where John and Richard discuss the hairstyles of the 70s, the popularity of guest star Laurette Spang, and the inconsistent practical effects.

It's all here and we want to hear from you on what you think of the episode. Write us as ShazamIsisPodcast@gmail.com.

​Moral: "Taking shortcuts to get what you want never works out the way you planned."

Guest Cast

Laurette Spang as Ann

Danil Torppe as Tom

Colleen Camp as Wynn

58 episodes