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Fiona Banner speaks to Johanna Gibbons landscape architect at J&L Gibbons and author of Conversations on Urban Forestry about her love of trees, soil and the world wide wood.
Recorded at the Bethnal Green Nature Reserve (Phytology)

Fiona Banner aka The Vanity Press is a visual artist whose work centres on the problems and possibilities of language, both written and metaphorical. For much of 2020 she has been artist in residence at Phytology, a cultural institute based at Bethnal Green Nature Reserve in East London. During her time there she has been making work with the non-human residents, and also talking to some pretty fab humans, in an open sided potting shed, ruminating on the environment, art and activism.

Thanks to The Arts Council England and Bethnal Green Nature Reserve Trust
Host and Recording: Fiona Banner, Producer: Alice Waters, Sound Production: Lucia Scazzocchio

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