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Hello everyone! My name is Clay, and I run Terminally Nerdy! What is Terminally Nerdy? Its a Website, its a youtube channel, its a a twitch channel, its a twitter, and now its a Podcast on top of everything else. This podcast came about because of a suggestion from a twitter follower, where I could use my long commute to and from work (around an hour and a half one way!) to just talk about the stuff that interests me. What has been created is this: a raw and mostly unedited stream of conciousness podcast, recorded with my cell phone of all things, where I discuss a few topics that interest me every so often, as well as taking questions and topics from my Patrons! There is no defined schedule for this thing. There is no plan. No rehearsing. These are my unfiltered thoughts. There will be discussions about Traffic, and possibly rants about it. I promise nothing other then honest opinions about video games, books, music, and other nerdy things that catch my interest or I wanna discuss. I hope you enjoy and always remember be kind to each other, and Stay Nerdy! (as a note, I am gonna try to get the audio quality as best as I can, but hey, its using a cell phone mic in a car, what can you expect right?)

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