To The Edge And Back -- My Near Death Experience -- Part 1 of 2


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Lura Ketchledge discusses how a near death experience gave her insight into where we go after death. Lura is currently preparing to host a new reality internet TV show under the company name of Near-Death Television L.L.C. titled 'Near-Death TV’ Lura has been part of the horse world, either owning horses or living on a horse farm for most of her adult life. Lura Ketchledge’s haunted horse farm was featured in 'Time Money Land' magazine in 2011. Since 2009 she has been on over 150 national radio shows, including ‘The X Zone,’ and written a number of first person articles for a variety of on-line magazines. In 2011 she was a featured guest on the reality TV show ‘My Ghost Story’. Lura shared her ghost story in episode 12 of season 2 titled, ‘Haunted Horse Farm’. Links to Lura ~

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