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I am so excited to introduce my new podcast, Crimes That Changed a Nation. It launched a few weeks ago, meaning that there are already several episodes for you to listen to.
It's also available on all prominent podcast players, just search for 'Crimes That Changed a Nation'.
Crime has a lasting effect, both on the victim, their families, and the wider community. Perhaps even the country in which they take place. Some crimes have the power to captivate public attention and some crimes changes nations forever.
This podcast is dedicated to those crimes, the ones that brought change or created new discourse. Each season focuses on one particular country with the first series examining the crimes that forever changed Britain.
The cases in this series include Dunblane, Helen McCourt, and Stephen Lawrence, as well as other cases that forever changed the country.
Audio sources
‘Despicable’ man guilty of murdering two women 21 years after acquittal
Crimes That Shook Britain - Jeremy Bamber
Lessons From A School Shooting Notes From Dunblane
Panorama The Baby P Story
Stephen Lawrence - What happened What went wrong
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