Through The Marketing Lens


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A podcast designed especially for creative female entrepreneurs who want to launch, grow and scale their businesses. We serve up real tips and tools that ACTUALLY WORK in the modern digital marketing world. Ultimately, profitable business comes down to a few key components: business foundation (what you do and who you are as a business), organization (streamlined processes, systems, etc.) and killer marketing strategies. Katrina Aronson, an entrepreneur turned business and marketing strategy coach, is showing up every single week with short and sweet episodes about what is working or not working for her business and her clients. You are welcomed behind the curtain of other business strategies. Once a month, Katrina will welcome another entrepreneur onto the podcast for an interview to get their insights and business tips. Our goal is to give you some golden nuggets to implement in your business, always looking through the marketing lens. Katrina has owned businesses -- brick and mortar and online -- and understands the things that work and the strategies that fall flat. More importantly, Katrina understands why! Working with dozens (and dozens) of women one-on-one in her business coaching and in partnership, her knowledge runs deep. Katrina wants to share that with you so your business can thrive and grow smoothly.

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