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New Episodes every Sunday and Thursday!! If Trading success was all about strategy there would be only one strategy that worked and anybody could be a Trading success! Day Trading can be rewarding both mentally and financially, but it comes with its own set of hurdles when it comes to developing the psychology, mindset and emotional stability to reach consistent profitability. Join Jason E, (Day Trader, NLP Practitioner, LIfe Coach, Corporate Trainer) as he provides time tested, science based research and interviews the best industry related resources to provide the action steps and paradigm shifting wisdom to help you ascend as a human and thus a professional trader. While discussing topics related to personal development, spiritual growth and Day Trading, this podcast provides thought provoking concepts and success energy with tangible tips to help us evolve as humans and thus professional traders.If you understand success in Trading requires improving your psychology just as much or more than your Trading strategy join the fast growing Trading Ascension community

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