Episode 138 The Communicator / Resurrection / DS9 Documentary


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Episode 138 The Communicator / Resurrection / What We Left Behind: The 2019 DS9 Documentary. We suffer through the weakest of the Mirror Universe episodes and the return of a Kira love interest on DS9 and on Enterprise we cover a basic problem that should have plagued this crew but in a very by the numbers fashion. The Communicator Ratings: Bob 5.5, Eric 5. Resurrection Ratings: Bob 4, Eric 4.5.

Stay tuned to the end of this episode as Eric and I finally discuss What We Left Behind, the DS9 2019 Restrospective Documentary. Bob and Eric- Thumbs Up.

Question: Would you consider dating someone from a parallel universe is physically identical to a great ex but behaves opposite to the person you knew?

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