20 Year Race: Gold, 487 Percent Beats Buffett,386 Percent


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David McAlvany, Quinton Hennigh and Michael Oliver return. While most investors stay focused on the Dow, one market that listeners to this show watch carefully is engaged in a stealth bull market. It may come as a shock to learn that gold has actually outperformed the most successful investment manager on the planet over the past twenty years. From 1999 into 2019 gold’s value increased 487% vs. a gain of 386% for the Berkshire Hathaway Fund. From all appearances, after six years of treading water, gold has broken out into a new bull market over the past three months. What is gold’s recent price explosion telling us about current market conditions for conventional investments like those Mr. Buffet has chosen while expressing his disdain for gold? We will ask David to opine. Novo Resources may be on to one of the most extensive gold discoveries in history. Dr. Hennigh will update us on Novo’s progress toward production. Michael will provide his usual guidance on key markets.

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