#20 Unfiltered With Matthew Barnaby- Restricted Free Agency


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Welcome to the 20th episode of Unfiltered With Matthew Barnaby. On today’s episode, we talk about Free Agency. Barnaby gives us his 5 big free agents out there who will be going from their entry-level deals to some big money. We get into LeBron James being a crazy sports parents. LeBron ran onto the court to celebrate with his son during a game! Barns thinks he looks like an idiot. We go over 3 new teams in the East and who will be into the playoffs this year and 3 teams who will be out. The West will stay the same. You need goaltending to win so we decided to give you the top 5 goalies currently in the National Hockey League. Old school coaches are one of a kind. Barns gives us some legendary Brian Kilrea stories. We close with answering some of your Twitter questions and a nice story about Barnaby practicing his autograph when he was a kid. Grab the tissue box. Enjoy!

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