Episode 83: Being Mindful of Your Shadow Self


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We all have a shadow self.
It’s the ying to our yang.

The sadness to our joy.

The impatience to our patience.

It is the negative thoughts/beliefs to our positive thoughts, and supporting beliefs.
It is the darkness to our light.
In this episode, I'm talking about how we go through life with these contrasts and that we are designed as humans to experience the entire human scale of emotions. You will learn how we resist this, and the problem with resisting it is that the more we fight to resist what are just natural emotions, the more it persists, and it persists by holding us so deeply in the dark corners of our mind that we are not experiencing the other side - the joy, the excitement, the magical light.
Your physical shadow doesn’t appear without there being a bright sun. Your spiritual shadow is the same. You would not know darkness had you never known the light and vice versa.




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