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Unsupported Operation Episode 82


  • JavaBlogs.com closed by Atlassian.
  • Latest Dart VM beats Java 64 bit VM in Delta Blue Benchmark
  • Java version number scheme officially updated to make managing all these security fixes easier
  • Newly minted just in time for more unmaintainable build messes: Gradle 1.6? Progress being made on Android build system, facebook builds their own Buck
  • IntelliJ IDEA 12.1.3 - moar upgrades!
  • YourKit Java Profiler 12.0.5
  • Typesafe release Typesafe Activator- part of the Typesafe Platform
  • JaCoCoverage: java 7 code coverage for Netbeans
  • Before Google I/O, Square announce Seven Days of Open Source and release (thus far) - OkHttp, Dagger, MimeCraft, ProtoParser, JavaWriter, Roboelectric 2.0, Intellij Plugins - a lot focused around Android.
  • Java gets a REPL - scary, and awesome, but very, very scary.
  • Sonar Groovy
  • Cassaforte - Client client API for Apache Cassandra 1.2+


  • Apache Camel 2.11 - new Camel CMIS module for integration with CMS systems, new camel-couchdb, camel-elasticsearch modules.
  • Three major defects found in Tomcat (groan, yes again) - Chunked transfer encoding extension size is not limited, Session fixation with FORM authenticator, Request mix-up if AsyncListener method throws RuntimeException. Tomcat 6.0.37 released. 7. something too.
  • Apache Curator 2.0.0-incubator - A ZooKeeper Keeper - utils making ZooKeeper easier to use.
  • Apache Gora 0.3 - in memory and persistence for Big Data for using Hadoop
  • Apache HttpComponents HttpCore 4.3-beta2
  • Apache Buildr 1.4.12
  • Apache Giraph 1.0 - first release out of incubation - Apache Giraph is an scalable and distributed iterative graph processing system that is inspired by BSP (bulk synchronous parallel) and Google's Pregel. Giraph distinguishes itself from those projects by being open-source, running on Hadoop infrastructure, and going beyond the Pregel model with features such as master computation, sharded aggregators, out-of-core support, no single point of failure design, and more.
  • Lucene and Solar 4.3
  • Commons Codec 1.8
  • Apache Marmotta 3.0 - incubating - Apache Marmotta is an extensible and modular implementation of a Linked Data Platform and contains a server component as well as many useful libraries for accessing Linked Data resources. Apache Marmotta is a continuation of the Linked Media Framework (LMF) originally developed by Salzburg Research, but considerably improved with respect to modularity, reliability, performance and also licensing. Since the last LMF release was the 2.x series, Apache Marmotta starts with the version number 3.0.0-incubating.
  • Open JPA 2.2.2

Other news

  • Greg’s favourite NoSQL database gets incremental backup

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