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Morgan MacDermaid used to spend hours in the travel section of the library, looking at all the places she could go. In college, she had her first chance to board a plane and her study abroad in Italy changed the course of her life.

After graduation, she traded the possibility of a corporate cubicle for adventure. Morgan has traveled to over 40 countries around the world, slept in a tent across Alaska and moved to St. Thomas when she only knew a single person on the island. When the pandemic hit, her world was turned upside down. She came back to Michigan for a stint, bought a car and set off to drive across the United States before leveraging her global experiences to land her a job a logistics coordinator and then a recruiter in Tennessee.

Morgan was my intern in 2013-2014 and I've followed her journey through Instagram and Facebook. For the first time, she shares the full story of how she went from neuroscience major to global nomad to recruiter.

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