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Home of the Brave
Home of the Brave: new and old stories from "This American Life" contributor Scott Carrier.
Atlanta Braves
The Brave Canada Podcast looks at issues facing Canada today with common sense insights and clear analysis.
Podcast by You're So Brave Podcast
Brave Little State
What if you could decide what stories Vermont Public Radio should be covering, before they're even assigned? That's the idea behind Brave Little State.
Reviewing All Things Batman, CWTV (Arrow/Legends/The Flash/Supergirl), Gotham, Superhero News and the Animated Films.
Braves beat reporters join national correspondents to take an inside look ahead at the story lines and developing news that impact the team's outlook.
Braving Babylon 5
Watching sci-fi classic Babylon 5 for the first time.
The Brave Writer podcast is a big juicy conversation about how to bring learning to life for your kids! Julie Bogart and guests talk about how parents and children are partners in the learning adventure, especially when approaching the daunting task of writing. Brave Writer appeals to homeschoolers, educators, and parents who want more out of "school" than merely passing tests. Visit us at and follow along at the blog for show notes:
Welcome to The Brave Ideas Podcast, bought to you by Aqua. This podcast is all about bringing to light exciting new ideas from the realms of digital and advertising, as understood by the employees of Aqua, South Africa's largest digital agency. Hosted by Dan Herman and Sinead Dennis, this podcast offers listeners learning and insight from some of South Africa's exciting marketing minds.
Welcome to the Brave Girls Club with Lyndsie, Kelly, and Khrysta! Three best friends who tell each other stories of violent crime, murder, demons, the occult, aliens, urban legends, the unexplained, and more.
Finding Brave
Finding Brave with Kathy Caprino helps listeners access the courage they need to honor their true passions, talents, and values in life and work, and leverage them for more success and happiness. Listen in as Kathy and her inspiring, top-level guests share a wealth of strategies and tips for building a braver, more rewarding life and career.
We are Krissy Nordhoff and Maribeth Dodd. Krissy is a songwriter, Maribeth is a worship pastor. We are sisters, 6 years apart, and each married with 7 combined kids! In this episode, we introduce ourselves and share our from our unique perspective as two women in leadership in the American church. We hope you will benefit from our experiences and interviews with other like-minded leaders in ministry and business.
Home of the Brave
Home of the Brave: new and old stories from "This American Life" contributor Scott Carrier.
Brave Church
Weekly podcasts from Brave Church, Oswaldtwistle, Lancashire, UKListen for a relevant and contemporary life message, centred on Jesus and focusing on building strong families. We seek to build a contemporary church family that influence its world. These messages are the foundation and bedrock to help us influence our world.
Join Atlanta Journal-Constitution Braves beat writer David O'Brien to learn what is really going on in Braves Country.
Lecture notes analysing a variety of elements of Huxley's text.
Brave New Entrepreneurs podcast grants you access to first time entrepreneurs whose startups have been successful. It is designed to educate, inspire and connect entrepreneurs who are new to the startup scene experiencing highs, lows, fun and pressure that make life at a startup. The podcast idea started because Swathi, the host, discovered that folks who wake up with a new idea or just started a new business, are stricken with fears of failure, questions about funding and confused about cus ...
It's time to rise up from heartbreak & free your soul
Starburst Magazine Presents: Ed Fortune and his team dive into the world of genre fiction, with book news, author interviews and in depth reviews of the latest science fiction, fantasy and horror novels. Guests include the likes of George RR Martin, Robin Hobb and Sarah Pinborough.
Advice from top influencers, creators and experts on using your voice to change the world, like Lisa Messenger, Laurence Tham, Tara Bliss, Carren Smith, Tom Cronin, Todd Henry + more.
This is my podcast!
An inspiring blend of stories and resources by and for women who are leaving their mark of beauty and bravery on the world around them. Hosted by life coach, community developer, and dreamer, Sarah Bond.
Brave Old World
Brave Old World is a make-believe world that my friends hang out in, while I serve as the narrator. We use numbers and dice rolls to help make decisions, but mostly, it’s up to our collective imagination. Put another way, we’re a Dungeons & Dragons podcast.
Welcome to the Birds and Braves Podcast! The podcast covers the Atlanta Braves, Hawks, and Falcons with multiple shows each month. The Birds and Braves Podcast is hosted, edited, and produced by Luke Winstel.
Disney Pixar's new film Brave is out on 13th August and Brave: The Video Game is out now! So to get you in the mood we speak to the director of Brave, Steve Purcell, and Jamie learns about archery to get as good as the heroine Merida!
New technology has given way to new consumers, and the old way of communicating with consumers will never be the same. Brave Ad World is about embracing the new environment and shifting to a new way of strategic thinking in order to be successful.
Quiet Brave Radio
Consciously living is a multi-layered, lifelong mission that impacts EVERY area of life. BEING a conscious woman is an ever-evolving practice. Its a daily deliberation filled with countless choices and our podcast chooses to celebrate any women showing up for the work. We stand for community over criticism because blaming and belittling doesn't any value to the conversation. From where you are, with what you have, join us as we use different lenses to explore this topic as the ecosystem it i ...
Braves General Store
Braves baseball, comic books, movies, music, and a little bit of everything else. We're probably at the liquor store.
Brave Men podcast
Wisdom and courage for the journey - navigating life with the help of a father's voice. Paul Louis Cole is founder/president of the Global Fatherhood Initiative and We are a human justice mission focused on defeating fatherlessness, ending child abuse and stopping human trafficking. This is done through the mentoring of men. GFI is on the ground in over 100 nations.
Bosh & Brave
You have just found the audio diary of Paige Hopkinson, a tinkering engineer living in the city of Grand Ivorglen on the planet Flora. Paige tells you her hopes of working as a respected engineer in Trov Towers and her grand invention of detachable wings, Angelix. But things don't always go as planned...
Speak Brave Podcast
FEAR IS BORING.Stop being boring. And start being fearless.
Brave New World
John Harrison's weekly broadcasts on natural and man made phenomena which need to be explained: food security, climate change, the changing nature of war.
Get ready to leave "perfect" behind. Reshma Saujani, CEO and Founder of Girls Who Code, has run for office twice, and failed. But exercising her bravery muscle led her to start Girls Who Code, the nonprofit that has reached more than 90,000 girls with its computer education programs and message of sisterhood. Join Reshma on her mission to show that being brave, not perfect, is the secret to changing the world.The Brave, Not Perfect Podcast brings you interviews with changemakers from all wal ...
Brave New Work
Work means a lot of different thing to different people. Brave New Work Podcast is OuiShare Radio podcast to connect the conversations around the OuiShare community about 'the future of work'. As a community, we have strong ties with projects that we think will add to this debate.We kick off in Season One by digging into Freelancing and Coworking by taking part in the Freelancers Week in October and Coworking Europe in Brussels in November.
Brave New Podcast
Heather & Justin are a podcasting/audio-editing team of interested citizens looking to spread the word of Orwell, Huxley, and Hoffer. Each episode we pre-hash a chapter from the book we're working on—starting with Orwell—then you can go read or listen to the chapter and come back to hear our post-hash. Audio Annotations! Comedy Cliffs Notes! For the first chapter of each book, we will stream the episode live on YouTube for free. After that each episode (1 episode=1 chapter—usually) will appe ...
Join entrepreneur and mom-of-four Colleen Mook as she explores how to create the life you want (even if things aren't easy). Colleen is founder and CEO of Internet retailer Baby Be Hip, she's a winner of several business awards, and she's a public speaker and has appeared on The Today Show and various other media. Tune in for tips and hacks, stories, interviews and more as she entertains and motivates.
Your weekly podcast for all things Atlanta Braves
Why do we make art? What do we do when we feel discouraged? How do we balance life, work and our passion to create? Is this a hobby or a profession? There are so many things to consider as an artist and that is why this podcast exists! There will be talk of creating, selling, and growing personally as artists. Whether you are a professional or beginner, self-taught or an art school student or alumni, I hope you will join me for a bit. I may not know all the answers but I am curious and deter ...
Tim Ferriss meets John Muir and Yvon Chouinard in a podcast. The Brave Monkeys are a passionate group of lifelong-learners and biohackers who believe that adventure is a source of knowledge, and that sometimes the riskiest choice you can make is playing it safe. This show includes inspiring interviews, lifestyle design tips, biohacking ideas, and adventures stories.
Brave Motel
Brave Motel was a leisurely podcast started by 4 friends. After a strong initial run and a brief hiatus, it returned as a hangout/therapy session for 3 guys and some guests.
Braving Karma
Coach BK and fellow rockstar Coral Owens chats about what the Braving Karma is all about. INSPIRE ENCOURAGE Being Brave Braving Karma means that we are brave enough to look into the mirror, see what is working well for us and strengthen that as well as identify what isn't working for us, what is holding us back and is an obstacle, and working to resolve that. It also touches on being brave enough to work hard, not let fear and risk stop action. AND not be afraid to fall, ask for help and all ...
An audio podcast of Brave Church in Miami, FL.
Brilliantly Brave
Brilliantly Brave Parenting in a post-Christian world podcast.Hosted by Brad Mathias (Pastor, Author, and Media Executive) and Robert Beeson (Founder of iShine, Author, and Blended family expert), Brilliantly Brave Parenting includes current social trends, real-life parenting support, and resources for those who are simply wearing thin.
Brave Church
Brave is a new church in the East Bay of San Francisco. There's nothing like a word from God that engages our minds and speaks to the heart. We hope our talks inspire, give hope, and challenge.
Living BRAVE in everyday Life.
BRAVE Church
Dig deep into the Bible. Explore the truths of God's word. Apply those concepts to your life and grow deeper in who God made you. Listen to the podcasts from BRAVE Church.
Architect of Professional Communities®
Outside Podcast
Live Bravely
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Join the decentralized media - follow me on Steemit Get some of the best coins going on Secure your coins with a hardware wallet! Get the Ledger Nano S Be safe, be secure, use a Trezor hardware wallet Get 3 ...…
Ever feel unhappy with your appearance? Perhaps you know you're beautiful but can't allow yourself to fully embrace that truth. Tonight our well welcomed and brave writer talks about her struggles with self esteem and how her father's dissaproval at a young age may still be effecting her ability to feel attractive. We discuss ways to really det ...…
A seagull warns the group that a nearby lighthouse has been attacked by Eelfolk. With rumors of a giant sea-monster roaming the ocean there aren't many ship captains brave enough to sail the adventurers to their destination except for Shiela Coppertree. We apologize in advance for the amount of giggles in this episode. We may have "prepped" too ...…
Dutch Thompon takes us back to the by-gone days with stories of brave, gentle, and even beer drinking horses.
Talking Chop's Gaurav Vedak joins us today to discuss how inredible the Braves season has been up to this point, whether it is sustainable or not, and who, if any, Atlanta could be targeting as the trade deadline approaches
The Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp (20-27) won, 3-0, on Thursday night(Game 2 of DH) against the Mississippi Braves (20-27) in Pearl, MS.Jumbo Shrimp broadcaster Roger Hoover details the game highlights.
Finishing the conversation. Next episode has some reflections. This woman was brave and I`m grateful she was willing to come and tell her story!
The Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp (19-27) won, 8-1, on Thursday night(Game 1 of DH) against the Mississippi Braves (20-26) in Pearl, MS.Jumbo Shrimp broadcaster Roger Hoover details the game highlights.
Jeremy "The Impact" York brings you his unique take on the biggest stories across the world of sports! Joined by The Coach Haywood Hill, "King ATLien" Reggie Walker, and "SuperMan" Cody Elias, tonight they talk American Aliance of Football, destinations for the 2019 NFL Draft AND SuperBowls in 2023 and 2024, PLUS they talk Atlanta United and At ...…
Distinguished corporate director and accountant who made his way from the Chartered Accounting office to industry, to retail and fast-moving consumer goods, working for major New Zealand corporates as a general manager finance and planning before taking the helm as chief executive of one of the country’s two largest dairy concerns and seeing th ...…
We kick off the show with Braves talk. Should Atlanta go ALL IN? Also we run down the Zemp Stadium renovations with Marc Jones.
WE DID IT!! Twenty Episodes, Twenty Watches, and our brave co-conductors are back on track! No gimmicks, no guests, no guff. Just two sweaty, slowly dying nerds and one wretched pile of burning hollywood money. How will they handle a rapidly deteriorating flesh shell and a crumbling premise? Find out in this week's episode of AATHT! Anger, Acco ...…
This week Hillary and Nic brave a bumbling evil Bajoran Steven Weber, embrace the thrill of a Dax/Kira adventure, and risk the dietary nightmare that is spider sandwiches as the crew of Deep Space Nine tries to stop a coup in it's tracks. Deep Space Nine episode covered: The Siege
Ack and Kiz break down the many storylines of, perhaps, the most intriguing two divisions in baseball, the AL East and NL East. Are the Braves and Phillies for real? Has Kiz been spoiled by Syndergaard and DeGrom? Has Chris Davis broken Ack? Are the Yankees and Red Sox really this good? All these questions, and many more, are answered before th ...…
“Archie survived fascism” - Rebecca“And that’s all she wrote till like, October” -MariaListen to us watch the SEASON 2 FINALE, as we swoon and squeal over Bughead, love the leather jacket solidarity toward the Serpents, and speculate on the effect all the finale’s new plot developments will have on Season 3, from Archie getting arrested to Moos ...…
The NBA Playoffs finally get interesting. We discuss both series and of course, we have to talk about the two bests dunks ever... James Harden putting Draymond on a poster and Travis Leslie dunking on Demarcus Cousins. We also discuss the tireless argument of whether or not Lebron could play in the Bird-Magic or Jordan era. The Braves are in fi ...…
Live from the SEC tournament - Matt and Borkey recap Mississippi State's loss to LSU, what their tournament chances are, compare Ole Miss' resume to other national seed candidates, check in on the Atlanta braves, the toughest schedules in the SEC, and the NFL's new policy on anthem protests
Roger Hoover visits with Jumbo Shrimp manager Randy Ready in Mississippi prior to the start of the Braves series on May 23, 2018.
Press Row Podcast (5/23) - Tim Kurkjian talks surging Braves, strikeout rates and playoff contenders by ESPN 105.1 The Zone
A Liga Americana é hoje muito superior à Liga Nacional da MLB? E os Braves, podem ir longe na temporada? Falamos também do brasileiro Luiz Gohara e do doping de Robinson Cano.Reprise do programa que foi ao ar ao vivo na Rádio WebPutz, em 22 de maio de 2018.Apresentação: Ricardo PilatComentários: Gabriel MandelCo-apresentação: PikesMais em: www. ...…
Do you want to make better decisions?Do you need more clarity?Do you assistance with solving challenges?This is the show for you!Tarot Reader, Toni McCannon, joins Laura to discuss using Tarot for every day, practical purposes.In this episode discover:• How to use Tarot as an idea processor• How to your clarify goals and objectives• How to make ...…
We continue our season previews today as we take a look at the Montezuma Braves and the Stuarts Draft Diamondbacks. Tune in to Foul Ball Area to hear from Montezuma manager Ronnie Brunk and first baseman Ryan Kiser, plus Stuarts Draft manager Les Sandridge.
Our wonderful guest today on “The Secrets to Real Estate Investing” with Hard Hat Holly, is the highly ambitious and inspiring David Torres. David is an active flipper and buy & hold investor in the Albuquerque, New Mexico market. He tells the story of how he bravely quit his day job and shortly thereafter got a taste of what financial freedom ...…
Podcast Intro: Jess Ekstrom is a social entrepreneur who started Headbands of Hope, a non-profit organization that gives a free headband away to a kid with cancer for every one that is sold. Headbands of Hope has donated headbands to every single children’s hospital in the united states. Jess was born a businesswoman – she sold her American gir ...…
On episode 48 of The Crossover, Sam & Brame talk about Georgia Baseball heading into the postseason, the Matt Ryan and Julio Jones contract situations for the Falcons, the Braves, and the NBA Playoffs.
The other day as I was sitting in my recliner, reading, I saw the sun's rays pierce through the array of trees outside my living room window, resembling a glowing, illuminated cross. Special moments like these bring to mind thankfulness. As I sat and reflected, my mind turned to other parts of our planet that we call home, where our brothers an ...…
Listen to more GoodPoetry at, and connect with @itsGoodPoetry on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram______________________________________"Let America Be America Again" by Langston HughesLet America be America again.Let it be the dream it used to be.Let it be the pioneer on the plainSeeking a home where he himself is free.(Ameri ...…
The crypto market has dropped off a rock today, with Bitcoin falling below $8,000 and altcoins falling even harder. Let's talk a bit about the market in general, a BIG move from Circle Invest which I think will be positive in the long-run, the SEC and ShipChain and masternodes. Circle Invest TechCrunch article: ...…
The crypto market has dropped off a rock today, with Bitcoin falling below $8,000 and altcoins falling even harder. Let's talk a bit about the market in general, a BIG move from Circle Invest which I think will be positive in the long-run, the SEC and ShipChain and masternodes. Circle Invest TechCrunch article: ...…
This week Audrey and I chat about Ticketmaster and facial recognition, Google employees quitting in protest over the company’s participation in project Maven, Twitter’s latest attempt to clean up its platform, EFAIL PGP vulnerability, and more. Enjoy!Complete show notes: [01: ...…
The guys return to the studio to talk about the call-ups of Austin Meadows and Juan Soto, the first Braves-Red Sox matchup of the Slicing Foul Podcast era, and more. If you would like to follow the show on Twitter, you can do so @SlicingFoulPod. You can follow Kyle @KBJelly and Alan @AlanCole01. The audio clips at the beginning and end of the s ...…
In this episode of the Scene To Screen movie podcast, A.J. discusses some of the most exciting films that premiered at this year's Cannes Film Festival.Films AJ talks about in this episode:BLACKkKLANSMAN - It’s the early 1970s, and Ron Stallworth (John David Washington) is the first African-American detective to serve in the Colorado Springs Po ...…
Guys, this episode is SO MUCH FUN (if you can get past some audio problems). Morty's sleep deprived and Ollie's stressed so it's a little slap happy!Theme song is "Brave" from the album Solid State by Jonathan Coulton.
The Braves play the Phillies again and after this series won't see them again until September.....Frenchy doesn't like that!
The Braves play the Phillies again and after this series won't see them again until September.....Frenchy doesn't like that!
When you approach something uncomfortable or new, does your Little Inner Critic start telling you why this is a bad idea? You’re not alone. For a lot of people, leaving your comfort zone can be a struggle. On today’s throwback episode, we’ll share four incredible strategies you can use to bravely step out! Become part of the Little Inner Voice ...…
At some point in your career, you are going to hear the word, “No.” Rejection is unpleasant at best and can be crushing at its worst. What can we do to build up resilience to rejection, and allow ourselves to continue putting ourselves out there for the sake of our business? My guest today, Alex Grodnik, is going to share how he’s been doing it ...…
Tyler runs around CCR asking people what their 2nd favorite thing at conventions is! Find out the answers from Susan Lee, Mike Wellman, Fanbase Press, Ray Anthony Height, and so many more! Question: What is your 2nd favorite thing about going to conventions? The Interviewees Click to view slideshow. Michael Tanner (Writer, Junior Braves of the ...…
BRILLIANTLY BRAVE Episode #43 - "Season 3 Highlights & Wrap Up." We review the past season by highlighting podcasts with Plumb (Tiffany Lee), Thaddeus Heffner, and Phil Stacey. Find our blog at or on Facebook at #BrilliantlyBraveParenting or watch our #iShine videos on YouTube.…
Brad Woodall joins the show to talk about playing for the Braves dynasty, being a Tar Heel in Omaha, and his post-MLB life as a coach.
After you close the deal on a house for a client - be there for the moment when you hand them the keys or do it in your office when you hand them the keys - while it’s fresh and the emotion is sincere and spontaneous, Get their permission respectfully. No one wants to feel used or like a poster child to build your client base. Tell them how YOU ...…
Remixed Positive Hits & Hip Hop from BOOST 101.9. Mixed By Mike Couchman, Hosted By JBo. This Set Includes: Hollyn Alone (Couchmash) Propaganda Olympian K-Drama I Ain’t Going Back Moriah Peters Brave ft. Andy Mineo Twenty One Pilots Stressed Out Andy Mineo Say Less ft. Wordsplayed NF I’ll Keep On ft. Jeremiah Carlson Black Knight Turn Me Up DJ ...…
In this episode:- Brave Browser with 5M downloads on Google Play Store- New Institutional Cryptocurrency Exchange launched in the UK- Top 20 cryptocurrencies lose 2.5% on average
For the last couple of weeks I’ve had the pleasure of having a new little commuter with me on my days that I travel over here to the office. There’s a Reservoir family who recently moved from here to my town of Milton, south of the city – but just shy of the end of the school year, so they decided instead of disrupting their pre-schooler’s rout ...…
President Austin Perine and his dad, T.J., joined the Ford Faction crew to discuss his visit with the Atlanta Braves, why he helps feed the homeless, and what he has planned for the future.
There's a slew of reissues and previously unreleased offerings, humor, spoken word, jazz, world music, folk, and early synthesizer selections all blended together on this edition of TRANSMUSIC AIRWAVES (Episode #268).Some notables include a cut from the latest release by THE FLAMING LIPS (from their earliest recordings), an unreleased song from ...…
Music Biz 101 & More is the only radio show in America that focuses on the business side of the music & entertainment worlds. Hosted by William Paterson University’s Dr. Stephen Marcone & Professor David Philp, the show airs live each Wednesday at 8pm on WPSC-FM, Brave New Radio.This episode, recorded on location in Nashville, features special ...…
Music Biz 101 & More is the only radio show in America that focuses on the business side of the music & entertainment worlds. Hosted by William Paterson University’s Dr. Stephen Marcone & Professor David Philp, the show airs live each Wednesday at 8pm on WPSC-FM, Brave New Radio.This episode, recorded on location in Nashville, features special ...…
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