#22 Amy Suto : If It's Scary, You Should Probably Do It


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In this episode, Amy Suto tells us how she got in touch with her creativity at a young age and kept exploring it through her writing before studying screenwriting at USC and finally becoming the professional writer she is, writing for the LA Times, creating her own shows, ghostwriting biographies... And much more. But as logical as it sounds, her journey has also been very tough at some point as she had to work VERY hard to make it that far that fast. That's what struck me when talking to her and it's one more reason to pay attention to what she has to say about her job and passion: the tricks to build creativity she shares with us WORK because... Well she used them so... I think that's proof enough? Feel free to check out all these links to learn more about Amy, or get the resources we mentioned in our conversation!

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