Resilient People; An Interview With Founder Janet Fanaki


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Janet Fanaki created Resilient People, Stories to Inspire while caring for her husband who was diagnosed with an aggressive form of Brain Cancer in 2016.

During our conversation we discussed:

  • How she came up with the idea for Resilient People.
  • Why building a community has benefited her.
  • How her husband came to be diagnosed with Glioblastoma and the treatment that was prescribed for him.
  • The current state of her husband's health.
  • How she finds the stories to profile on Resilient People.
  • The story of Jason Fiorotto, who founded the Tory Day Fund in memory of his wife who passed away from Breast Cancer.
  • What she's learned from the Resilient People project.
  • The story of the 90 year-old Holocaust survivor profiled on her site.

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