TIFF19: Wrap-Up Episode!


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We're finally over our post-festival colds (okay, Emily's still coughing a bit) and ready to share our final TIFF thoughts! Settle in with a seasonal beverage (pumpkin spice cold brew, anyone?) and listen in as we reflect on all the women-directed films we saw, including new works from Kasi Lemmons (HARRIET) and Alma Har'el (HONEY BOY) as well as debut features from Aisling Chin-Yee (THE REST OF US, a.k.a. Danita's new favourite film!) and Rose Glass (SAINT MAUD). Plus, what did Movie Club think of Renée Zellweger's buzzed-about performance in JUDY? Will Beanie Feldstein be redefining teen cinema (again!) with HOW TO BUILD A GIRL? And why is Emily so obsessed with KNIVES OUT?
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