S3E9: Why God called Abraham to sacrifice his son


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Why did God call Abraham to offer his son, Isaac, as a burnt offering?
The story of the "Binding of Isaac," is not simply about a story of a man obeying God to the point that he will sacrifice his own son. It is about a call that everyone who speaks with God eventually hears. And we hear this call because all of humanity has been waging a one-sided Cold War with God, and to offer Isaac was to bet on peace.
2:22 Would you be at peace if God spoke to you?
7:57 Trouble with heirs - Ishmael and Isaac
14:48 Why what God spoke to Abraham is so perplexing
18:38 Humanity is waging a Cold War on God
26:07 Why Abraham needed to offer his son to God
33:05 Peace Child
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