10. Body image conversation with Michelle & Amanda


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We are thrilled to invite both Michelle Wilding and Amanda Nelson, founders of The Sophrenic Collective to our conversation.
Amanda and Jessica attended a two day retreat they hosted, A Heroine's Journey. This retreat takes a unique approach to conscious spiritual principles and applying it to everyday living.
These women teach from their own deep and vulnerable experiences of personal love and transformation. Make no mistake, they practice what they preach!
Most women have struggled with body image at some point in their life. Jessica shares how body positivity is the one area of her life that has held her back in her life's journey. Amanda expressed how her experience of jumping into their three month program has already began to open her up in ways she didn't expect in understanding body image.
Do you have a goal? Michelle shares how important it is that we put a goal into the GPS of our mind so you can get where you want to go. Michelle specializes in hypnotherapy and NLP. Our brains work like computers and when you understand that you can uninstall and reinstall a new program that better serves you, then it will do something new for you. New programs can create new behaviors.
Are you finding peace in your body? Amanda specializes in leaning into your emotions, and letting them work with you, and the power of not allowing them to dictate your choices. There is so much judgment about emotions and labeling them as good or bad. Let's educate and bring awareness to ourselves because our mind and stories get in the way of our emotional feeling experiences.
One of their greatest teachings is learning that your behaviors create protection around your physical body. So much is felt and stored in your body; through emotional, mental, spiritual and physical experiences. Their programs specialize in helping you release these old programs and so much more. Listen in... this conversation has so many juicy nuggets you're going to love it.
The Body Keeps Score by Bessel Van Der Kolk M.D.
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