11. Grief. It comes in many forms. Do you know what to do with it?


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In this episode Amanda and Jessica share their personal experiences with grief and some tools they have found to help them on their journey. Only you will know what is meant for you.
Jessica shares the idea that grief is "the healing" and expands on the five stages of grief. The stages are not always experienced in this order, there is no time frame, no path, no directions, road map or right or wrong way to navigate the loss you may be feeling.
Denial = disbelief, shock, refusal, numb, isolation.
Anger = blame, looking for answers, resentment, lash out
Bargaining = deep sorrow, looking to find meaning, pain and guilt, if-only stage
Depression = sadness, loneliness, hopelessness, affirm reality
Acceptance = understanding, turning point, integrate loss into every day life
Amanda shares a profound quote expanding that grief is not only the loss of a loved one, there are many facets to grief and loss:
It is not to late to grieve this; the person you used to be, the grieving of the parent you never had, the friendship that ended, the relationship you couldn't fix, the boundaries you had that were ignored, not having anyone to believe in you as a child, the shame you felt as a kid for having feelings, wishing someone knew how you felt growing up, not having adults to teach you how to cope with life as a child, the childhood you had to miss because you had to grow up to fast.
Our shared take-aways:
Amanda shared to give yourself space, perhaps write, release the emotions onto paper and burning these letters to help transmute the energy.
Jessica shared to offer yourself grace, kindness, compassion and opportunity to grieve and feel all that you need to feel without judgment.
Anatomy of Spirit, the seven stages of power and healing by Caroline Myss
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