15. Where is your wealth? What are your core values?


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In this episode we share a lot of our thoughts, experiences and some tools to help with the high energy of the current world stage of uncertainty that many are experiencing.
Jessica and Amanda discuss the overwhelming feeling we are facing around the narrative that we all have to "pick a side" in this current global climate.
They challenge the idea of having to pick and side, and suggest that there is a middle way. We CAN agree to disagree. The middle way revolves around compassion and empathy. True empathy guides you to meet others where they are without judgment.
We ask the question of "what is your wealth?" and how is your relationship with the all-mighty dollar. Are you a slave to it? Do you live in a flow state with money? What are your limiting beliefs around money? Do you know?
Is money where you find wealth? How does wealth show up for you emotionally, mentally, physically AND spiritually? What is your relationship with your own personal wealth? Where does it reside and what is the wealth you want to create for myself?
When you see that everything in the world is our consciousness reflecting back to us, then you start getting more empowered, and have more understanding that we are in control of our wealth value, and holding conviction in what our core values are.
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