19. Vision & Manifesting


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In this episode Amanda and Jessica talk about the idea of vision and manifesting.
A lot of people will have an idea for something but then actually putting it into action and moving forward sometimes gets a little challenging or complicated. So until you leap the idea out of your head onto something else that can manifest- it will remain a vision.
Jessica shares that when working with your team around vision; a key element is setting expectations.
Amanda shares her knowing that in the past when she had the expectation that things would be hard. Then they will be hard. And how that has shifted for her now.
Fear usually stops visions. When you feel the fear trust the idea that there's something behind it that's asking to be looked at instead of avoiding it and having this thing that looms over us with fear or resistance, perhaps apprehension. Ask yourself... what is there behind it?
Answers can be powerful if you ask the right question. Fear or excitement can be used as a catalyst to power forward if you take that leap!
When manifesting, the question is; are you conscious of what you're creating? Listen in on the importance of conscious awareness around manifesting.
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