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In this episode we talk about health and wellness.
In previous episodes we have talked about people finding their individuality and their own personal sovereignty, and it starts with us, then health and wellness is a great place to start!
Jessica shares her life long journey since her brain tumor and thyroid adenoma from her early 20's. Trusting your body and knowing what it needs is a powerful way to stay on course.
Amanda shares her Dad's journey with cancer. It all started with his gall bladder and trusting his body's messages and asking questions to find answers.
We share some of our own health journey's. Both what has worked and what hasn't worked. Where we have been and what direction we are both going now.
We dive into hormones, personal care ranging from baths, to dry brushing, good sleep, supplements, drinking your water and everything in between.
Hope you find some nuggets in this episode that will help you on your own personal journey.
In this episode Jessica shares her recent success and love with Plexus.
If you're interested in learning more or want to get started?
Please DM Jessica on Facebook or email her at jessicalee@devenishduo.com and she can give you the details to do that and guide you on what products would be best for you. Or you're welcome to order on your own with no pressure with Jessica's Ambassador #901651562.

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