#57 -- Bernie Endorses Hillary -- WHICH MEANS HE'S STILL FIGHTING FOR US!!


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Recorded July 13, 2016. ABANDON SHIP?! Jill Stein or Bust!!? Bernie Sanders endorses Hillary Clinton and he's a sellout? If he didn't make the endorsement, you wouldn't see him at the Democratic Convention in July. And you wouldn't see him all over corporate media making Hillary Clinton speak the words he would have her say. She goes from corporate puppet to Bernie's puppet in one tiny little endorsement! It's worth it folks.

Speaking of corporate puppets, President Obama just gave an interview on reviving the Public Option from the grave which he dug for it. Hear the mastermind of the TPP (um, that's Obama) tell us how even when it comes to our health care, our very survival, we must balance the interests of the public and private good (private good = our corporate overlords).

On July 10th at an Illinois for Bernie fundraiser to send delegates to Philadelphia, Darren and Dr. K. heard delegate Troy LaRaviere fresh off the plane from the Platform Committee meetings. He told us about the backroom dealings, but also of some of the remarkable successes, that Bernie's representatives achieved.

And while the news is encouraging, we temper the enthusiasm regarding the amendments in the written platform document with our segment "Platforms From the Crypt", which looks back at the ambitious and unrealized promises of the platform of 2012.

Hey, Fellow Progressives! Please THINK before you jump off that ledge and throw away your vote to your cat Fluffy or the Green Party's Jill Stein! (With the same result.) Bernie Sanders has shown excellent judgement throughout his political career. The real change we are looking for does not happen overnight. It will take patience and a united front to assure it comes at all. Bernie has not caved in -- and neither should you. Keep Berning!

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