What's Killing my Kale Season 3 Episode 12: Spray programs for organic tomatoes


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In Season 3 Episode 12 of What's Killing My Kale, Natalie talked with Inga Meadows, Extension plant pathologist at NC State University, about disease management in organic tomatoes.

It's nearly impossible to avoid disease issues in tomatoes, but there are ways to preventatively manage them, even in organic systems. In this episode, Natalie and Inga discussed:
  • Biological control options for preventative disease management
  • OMRI approved sprays like copper, how well they work for different diseases, and precautions growers should take when using them
  • Timing of spray programs - how can growers know how often to spray, and what to spray
  • Best preventative practices for tomato diseases in addition to biological and chemical control

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