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Organic Chemistry - Audio
Interviews about Organic and Earth Friendly Gardening
The joe gardener Show is a podcast all about learning to be a better, smarter gardener and hosted by national gardening expert and PBS television host, Joe Lamp'l. Interviews include the leading authorities in their specialty with an emphasis on organic gardening, growing food, and creating a wildlife-friendly habitat.
The Cannabis Agenda is a weekly interactive marijuana radio show distributed in podcast form, and we hope to become your source for cannabis news and informed discussion. We cover topics from cannabis legalization and medical marijuana to market related information. Our motto is "Hey, it's organic," which basically means that this is a learning and growing experience for us all. We hope you find value in what we are doing! Let us know if you do, or don't!
Freshman Organic Chemistry 2
Here’s an incredible source for tips and suggestions on how to grow a great Western Pennsylvania garden. KDKA’s Organic Gardeners explores ways to make digging in the dirt a natural and bountiful experience. The Organic Gardeners are Doug Oster, an Emmy Award winning producer, host and garden writer, and Jessica Walliser, a horticulturist, author and devoted bug lover. The Organic Gardeners airs live Sundays at 7:00 AM on KDKA.
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Nancy Addison delivers the right recipe for healthy bodies and minds through a personal journey of discovery of what nourishes every cell, tissue, organ, and thought. Audiences are invigorated by her charismatic approach to eating healthy as they gain a real understanding that what we eat is, truly, who we are. Nancy’s clients have reversed medical conditions, lost weight, and learned how to eat energizing, healthy, fresh food. Nancy is the author of “Raising Healthy Children” (a number one ...
The Green Beauty Conversations podcast brings the world of green beauty to your earbuds. Join Gemma and Lorraine from the Formula Botanica Team as they demystify confusing topics on ingredients, formulations, business practices and political issues in the beauty world. Hear directly from established brands in the green beauty sector and engage with a variety of experts who willingly share their knowledge with you. Formula Botanica is the accredited online organic cosmetic science school, hos ...
Organic Chemistry I at Drexel University. Instructor: Jean-Claude Bradley.
Introductory lectures on organic chemistry covering structure and representation, reactions of alkenes, alcohols, aldeyhdes, ketones and amines, determination of structure and spectroscopy, reactions of carboxylic acids and derivatives, aromatic compounds, isomers, carbohydrates, amino acids and proteins, tautomerism and nucleic acids
Each video organic chemistry session takes one topic and shows you the professor's tricks, a practice problem, virtual whiteboard, and a helpful website. Designed for organic chemistry students of all levels. More can be found at
The Organic Stream
The Organic Stream Podcast is a talk show about organics recycling and soil management featuring experts and key figures in the environmental sphere.
This podcast is from the University of Oklahoma Organic Chemistry Laboratory Course. The Lab Lecture covers the theoretical concepts that pertain to the lab course.
Video lectures by section from Organic Chemistry I and II at Anoka-Ramsey Community College in Cambridge, MN
Bringing the world philosophy from the farm. The Intellectual Agrarian Podcast features interviews with various farmers and agrarians, offering their perspectives on life and the world.
Organic Evolution is a college textbook that describes the mechanism of biological evolution by natural selection. It then explores the evidences for evolution in various animals, including insects, reptiles, birds and humans, mainly from the science of paleontology. (Summary by JoeD)
The Organic View
The Organic View Radio Show has been producing top quality educational content for over a decade. Founded in 2007, it is the first educational podcast of its kind and has featured a “who’s who” list of guests from various industries. Some of the special series we produce include The NLP View, The Neonicotinoid View, Clean Energy View, The Sober View and The Rosarian's View. Please visit for more information.The show has been a platform for discussing important issues s ...
Organic Garden Radio
A podcast showcasing ways to improve your lawn and garden with organic, family and pet friendly, methods. We dont rant and rave about the harms of synthetic methods, only inform on the optional (and we think better) green method of lawn maintenance & gardening.
OrganicFit.TV is a safe space to learn, grow, and to become the best version of yourself that you have always dreamed of. Health is really a holistic approach from mind, body, and spirit. Join Adil Harchaoui and Brittany Thomas to reach the potential you have always wanted. Topics vary from health, fitness, positivity, overcoming difficult times, law of attraction, and more. Sometimes it is hard digging through the trenches of daily life on your own. You're not alone. Follow OrganicFit.TV fo ...
Full chapter lectures and in-class recordings from Organic Chemistry I and II, at Anoka-Ramsey Community College in Coon Rapids, MN.Email from a .edu email address for access to the videos!
Organic Crumbs
Join holistic nutritionist, Tami Chu, and fascinating guests, in conversations about wellness, science, mental and spiritual health, and the crumbs we find along the path of life.
This course covers basic organic chemistry, biochemistry, and some aspects of physiology; Primarily for nursing and allied health students.
NeverTheLess is dedicated to Organic Leaders and Leaderprenuers. Every one of us is put on earth to for a Purpose and to have a powerful life, we all must take the time to discover our Purpose to be able to live Powerful lives. Bidemi Mark-Mordi uses this podcast to help others discover Purpose so they can live Powerful lives.
Your guide to an organic and natural lifestyle without going insane. A place to find information about organic food, labels, and laws. You'll learn about living more naturally, more organically and not go insane. It's not your fault labels and food information is confusing. The media and marketing does this, but now you get straight answers and solution. Listen to the simple organic guide and discover the truth about your organic and natural living questions.
Organic Image - Airbrush Art & Tips with Beej
Nancy Addison delivers the right recipe for healthy bodies and minds through a personal journey of discovery of what nourishes every cell, tissue, organ, and thought. Audiences are invigorated by her charismatic approach to eating healthy as they gain a real understanding that what we eat is, truly, who we are. Nancy’s clients have reversed medical conditions, lost weight, and learned how to eat energizing, healthy, fresh food. Nancy is the author of “Raising Healthy Children” (a number one ...
Organic Trance
The Peaking Goddess Collective, a four-piece live digital & organic band known for its outstanding and longstanding performances.
At Organic Outreach International, we believe every Christian plays an essential part in fulfilling the Great Commission, and this podcast will help you do that. Together, we are learning to how to influence our world and share our faith naturally.
News and discussion about Destiny and other video games.
Exploring what ministry looks like when done by the people in the pews, not the pulpit.
Organic Talk Live
Nice topics
Beyond Organic
The Beyond Organic radio show is a 60-minute environmental radio and multimedia program that addresses issues of organic food and farming, social and environmental sustainability. The show offers news, interviews and research that fills a void left by public and private broadcasters.
A show about organic concepts and ideas on a higher level....Young. Black. Woke. High. In Love.
Organic Reset
Organic Poetry
we are a podcast who inspire to write poetry
Organic Blood
Organic Monkey 1
Organic Monkey is a Chicago based improvisational comedy troupe. The Organic Monkey Show features running serials, talk segments and a bit of music from people we know.
Andy Lopez goes to work with vinegar, a bag of flour, garlic cloves, peppermint soap, and a bottle of Tabasco sauce. He may sound like a Cajun chef, but he’s actually one of the world’s most respected organic gardeners. He uses these items as pesticides. As time passes, more and more so-called safe chemicals are outlawed, he says, after society has been used as a guinea pig. That’s why Lopez promotes organic alternatives through books, tapes, lectures, and radio shows, and now through his we ...
Organic Matter
A Story Telling Podcast
An deep exploration into the defining traits of Organic Music, and its similarities to other sustainable cultural and economic organisms.
Everything Organic
a weekly podcast where the host "Wheresant" finds amazing people with different personalities and perspectives to talk about the most amazing things. Each week is headlined by a dedication to a number of different categories.
The podcast features discussions about Taliesin® student shelters.
Organic Phrases
Organic Phrases is a little safe haven where we will explore the worlds of agriculture and writing. As a double major in these two subjects, my goal is to share what I'm learning about the topics and the world at large. So, if you want to learn about carrots and then hear some poetry you are in the right place.
Organic Sista
Welcome to my world of Organic Sista
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Our last three episodes of Green Beauty Conversations formed our Beauty Branding Week and gave you plenty of strategies and practical tactics to help you get under way on your branding journey. However, if you've already launched your brand but feel that it's looking tired or is not doing your business justice or perhaps you've simply fallen ou ...…
Our guest today is Michael Bell from Dallas Half-Acre Farm, he’s an urban farmer in, you guessed it, Dallas Texas. Today we’ll be discussing the challenges and benefits of growing vegetables in Texas, how Mike got involved in farming, physical training and so much more. Show Notes: The start, learning the process is the toughest part, it gets e ...…
Patti Armbrister guest hosts this interview with Rohani Foulkes from the Farmer's Hand gourmet grocery and take-out counter in Detroit, Michigan. THE FARMER'S HAND PROVIDES DETROIT RESIDENTS AND VISITORS WITH A LOCALLY-FOCUSED, ARTISANAL GROCERY AND CAFE. Since opening The Farmer's Hand in 2016, co-owners Kiki Louya and Rohani Foulkes brought t ...…
Today’s episode dives into some of the interesting facts of the foods we all eat. My guest, Dr. Jeff Gillman, is Director of the UNC Charlotte Botanical Gardens, and he recently began his own podcast show “The Plants We Eat” which features the unique aspects and history of common edibles. We rarely consider, or are […]…
Assisted Loving by Alice LeFae Read by Stephen Gordon Music: J'hallucine Pour Rien by Eve C.
Nature operates in an ecology, a system of multiple levels of living organisms that work together to create a functional and productive environment. Our ideas need similar ecologies to thrive and improve through creating layers of competing and encouraging groups. https:/ ...…
Tuesday • September 4, 2018 and Certified Ayurvedic Health Counselor Andrea Catherine is here to share with us her new ingredient KAMUT® flour and a recipe for Pesto. The post KAMUT® Pizza and Pesto | Bonus Cooking Episode #12 with Andrea Catherine | Certified Ayurvedic Health Counselor appeared first on Organic G ...…
Andrea Catherine talks about switching from light summer meals to heartier fall dishes as the weather changes with this delicious easy corn skillet dish. The post Summer Corn Skillet Dish| Bonus Cooking Episode #11 with Andrea Catherine | Certified Ayurvedic Health Counselor appeared first on Organic Gardener Podcast.…
Doug and Jess talk about fall planting tips for trees,shrubs, perennials, and vegetables. Jess also tells us how to raise monarch butterflies at home. Listen to find out how to diagnose blight issues for tomatoes.
What do the words 'Geo-engineering' and 'Chemtrails' have in common? Climate control! A 'chemtrail' is the name given to plumes emitted by aircraft in the sky. And 'Geo-engineering' is the name used to define the intentional process of altering - or 'engineering' - the Earth's atmosphere. Although environmental activists and scientists define c ...…
In this, our pilot episode, we are reaching out to friends of Organic Outreach and giving them the inside scoop on some exciting developments at Organic Outreach International. You also get a chance to listen in on a conversation with Walt Bennet, the Executive Pastor of Organic Outreach. The train has left the station. Podcast launch!…
One of the questions we are most often asked at Formula Botanica is whether it's worth hiring a designer to help with branding your beauty business. With start-up beauty brands pressed for cash flow and with the proliferation of free or low-cost design apps and programs, it's tempting to think we can do it all ourselves. In this episode of Gree ...…
Last week, we began a two-part series on garden pest predators with Jessica Walliser and discussed the predator/prey cycle taking place in all our landscapes as well as the cues that signal to good bugs that a meal is available. If you haven’t checked out that episode, I recommend you begin there. In this episode, we […]…
Erik Ohlsen is here to share his passion and knowledge of permaculture design and how you can start your own business that makes a great profit! The post RAW!!! 247. Permaculture Skills Center | Erik Ohlsen | Sonoma County, CA appeared first on Organic Gardener Podcast.…
As we watch indie beauty brands crushing it on Instagram with amazing eye candy images and gathering tribes into the tens of thousands, we may think that kind of brand visibility is an impossible dream for our own beauty businesses. While it does, of course, take hard graft to get that kind of brand awareness, you can go far if you know from th ...…
Dead Coffee by Alice LeFae Read by Katie O. Solomon Music: In Your Eyes by Livio Amato
Author Lee Reich from the Hudson Valley, NY shares his passion for No-Till Gardening and following mother nature and using science to grow a farmden. Please support our Patreon Page so we can keep the show on the air. The post 242. No-till Gardening | a Farmden | The ...…
We kick off a series of podcasts on branding indie beauty businesses with a marathon interview packed with actionable advice. You've no doubt heard the one about your brand being more than your logo, but have you worked out what this means in reality? Here, at Formula Botanica, we thought we knew all about branding, and how it applies to indie ...…
Have you thought about downsizing? Getting out of the rat race to focus on what matters? Perhaps start a garden. Our guest today is Tom Domres from the Small Scale Life Podcast, and together we’ll discuss what lead to the small scale life, gardening tips and ideas, how and why communities are important and so much more. The Grocery Bag- https:/ ...…
PART 2: Continuation of our discussion on GMO's (Genetically Modified Organisms) and GEO's (Genetically Engineered Organism) and Monsanto's role in this equation!By (Andy Lopez).
Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) affects thousands of state and local police officers, armed service men and women and civilians of every description. PTSD is a psychiatric disorder that can occur following the experience or witnessing of a life-threatening event. PTSD can stem from military combat, natural disasters, terrorist incidents, ...…
Pardon the crickets in the background! This is the first episode in my dorm room this year, so please excuse any changes in sound quality and the crickets and frogs outside the window in my very warm room. This episode takes a look at the second Ingredient in the two-part series "Growing Better Brews." The ingredient in question is Barley! the ...…
How well do you know the insect world of your garden? Can you tell the good bugs from the bad bugs? This week’s guest, Jessica Walliser, used to be a bug hater. As a horticulturist, she was trained that bugs were the enemy, and she spent many of her professional years with pesticides ready to […]
Doug and Jess talk to callers about what is happening in their gardens and what they need to do this time of year. They are also joined by the People from Davey Trees to talk about taking care of the trees around your house and trying to Identify a listeners tree.
They say laughter is the best medicine. Laughology is a unique and innovative system which uses the psychology of laughter and humour as a personal development tool. Listen to this segment of The NLP View Radio Show, as host, Donna Blinston, RGN talks to Stephanie Davies, a cognitive laughter and humour consultant about the links between humour ...…
The amazing garden writer, teacher and activist Susan Harris from GardenRant shares her passions for gardening and caring for our planet blending them with love and science. The post 240. GardenRant Garden Blogger | DC Gardens | Susan Harris | Maryland appeared first on Organic Gardener Podcast.…
Originally published on 2015/12/31 Christmas Eve! I am replaying this episode because I have a guest coming up who talks about Jenny's problem of dealing with fire ants. If you haven't signed up for Jenny's email I can tell you I love getting their updates it's always so fun to watch their family grow!On the Jenny Jack Sun Farm located one‐hour ...…
Is TENS good? How does it work? What even is it?! We cover it all in this short story!
What's the difference between GMO's (Genetically Modified Organisms) and GEO's (Genetically Engineered Organism)? Simply put, a GEO is a type of GMO, but a GMO is not necessarily a GEO. Confusing? You bet. But I'll explain this in more detail as it's a subject that's all over the news and now on food labels in the grocery store. Lots of folks a ...…
Recently, my podcast featured some of my favorite garden books. In this episode, I talk with the author of one of those books. Barry Estabrook is a multi-James Beard Award-winning author, and one of his most renowned titles, Tomatoland, is a favorite among my extensive library. When I first read Tomatoland, I couldn’t put it […]…
Today’s guest is Ted LeBow from Kitchen Table Consultants, a business consulting firm that focuses on helping farming and food related enterprises. With Ted we’ll be talking about his first business venture, a farm, what kind of work KTC does, and a dive into a report they produced with the Pennsylvania Association of Sustainable Agriculture on ...…
Camp Fire Skillet Cornbread and Zucchini Lasagna Andrea Catherine shares her recipes from cooking at the Ravenwood Outdoor Learning Center. The post Camp Fire Skillet Cornbread | Bonus Cooking Episode #10 with Andrea Catherine | Certified Ayurvedic Health Counselor appeared first on Organic Gardener Podcast.…
Jessica chats with callers about pruning, insects, and the importants of public gardens. She also discusses tree care and trouble shooting.
Environmental Alert - How to kill all human beings on the planet in 50 years! WHAT??? Yes, I'll be covering the 10 environmental boundaries we SHOULD NOT cross but have from nuclear plants, micro-waved food, deforestation to the effects of pollution. But I always say "It is never too late to change."…
NLP For Tweens is part of the Engaging NLP Series, it is a follow-on from NLP for Children, fitting neatly before the Engaging NLP For Teens workbook. Engaging NLP for tweens covers the key issues and challenges facing 8-12 year olds. Children need to become independent, responsible and resourceful because they spend most of their time away fro ...…
In our very first Green Beauty Conversations podcast, we discussed what natural means in skincare and this week's topic about sustainable beauty is another of those hotly-debated issues that has no clear-cut definition. We'd go so far as to say there are even more interpretations of the term 'sustainable' as used in the natural beauty world tha ...…
This ones a little bit different following on from a conversation with a mum I had in practice just earlier today!
In this episode, we explore the basics of growing hops! This is part one on a two-part series about the farming involved in brewing beer. So crack open a cold one (if you are of age) and enjoy!
Have you ever felt overwhelmed by your garden – by out of control growth or disease or an abundance of crops? You aren’t alone. Nearly all of us feel that way at some point during the growing season – and some of us feel that way frequently through the summer months. This week, I talk […]
definitely a must listen Agrarian Food Web | Soil Health and Sunflowers | Patti "Amazing" Armbrister | Hinsdale, The post Agrarian Food Web | Soil Health and Sunflowers | Patti “Amazing” Armbrister | Hinsdale, MT appeared first on Organic Gardener Podcast.
This week is simple... G and Wheresant do a quick episode to talk about some random stuff, because niggas are busy... Gregg - Instagram @hattorihanzo6 / Twitter @itsmedevonteD Wheresant - Instagram @Wheresant / Twitter @whosanthonie
THe Tomato and Garlic is a free event to benefit the food bank. Jess and doug talk to Dick TIll from Davey trees.
All About Hemp! We'll be talking to our guests Linda Delair, a Sustainable Business Consultant and Lea Walters, a Hemp Solutionary at 'Hempstead Project Heart' about raising awareness about the environmental and economic benefits of restoring industrial hemp in America and elevate public consciousness about hemp as a basis for a healthy green e ...…
The Dynamic Spin Release™ is a complementary approach consisting of several techniques and processes– that allows users to release their negative thought patterns, limiting beliefs and physical pain in as little as eight minutes. Dynamic Spin Release™ processes are practical, easy to use with yourself and others, and work well with children. Tu ...…
5 ways to get rid of plastics in your life.
Sorry for the late upload everyone! Episode 2 has arrived. In this episode, we are discussing roots! We learn a bit about root vegetables and about laying your roots in writing! So lets kick off our shoes and dig our toes into the soil!In the episode I mention another podcast, here is the link to that episode: ...…
Here in the southeast, our warm temperatures mean that tomato season is coming to a close. If you find yourself in the same boat, this podcast is right up your alley. I invited my honorary co-host, Tomato Guy Craig LeHoullier to join me for a discussion about the highs and lows of this particularly odd tomato […]…
Kara is a listener and a farmer and a gardener and a ROCKSTAR MILLENNIAL! here to share her farming and gardening journey raising pigs and eating healthy. The post 242. Raising Pigs | Kosloski Farms | Kara Kosloski | Rockstar Millennial and OGP Listener appeared first on Organic Gardener Podcast.…
Making sense of beauty industry trends can be daunting if you're an aspiring skincare entrepreneur. How do you interpret the daily flow of opinion on social media? Isn't trend forecasting just finger in the wind anyway? On top of this, there is also the lingering worry that by the time you've grasped the next big beauty industry trend, consumer ...…
When you look at an Organic label, you may not know that someone had to visit the operation that made that product or raised that food. These humble people are the Organic Inspectors, and today we’ll be talking to Margaret Scoles executive director of the International Organic Inspectors association. She has been an Organic inspector for over t ...…
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