The right to the city with Tiffany Lam


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Back at it again! We discuss intersectional feminism, the problem with autonomous cars and owning the city with Tiffany Lam.

~ Guest ~

Tiffany Lam

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Mind the Cycling Gender Gap issue 1 and 2:

Recorded at Wardour Studios

~ Topics ~

New Economics Foundation

Tiffany’s academic piece Chapter 7 - Cycling in London, an intersective gendered perspective

New academic anthology - "Gendering smart mobilities”

The women of colour cycling meetup

Audrey Lord - “Your silence will not protect you”

Sustrans Healthy Streets

The right to the city

"You have every right to be on the road as everyone else, take the lane and exert yourself"

Biking While Female — ‘Slut,’ ‘Bitch,’ and ‘Dumb Broad’,

Why are female cyclists targeted by aggressive drivers for abuse?

Hollaback! Together We Have the Power to End Harassment

Near Miss Project - looks down atm boo.

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