145: Erik Weihenmayer Is A Blind Adventurer Who Summited Everest & Kayaked The Rapids Of The Grand Canyon. Take Erik's No Barrier Pledge And Shatter Your Own Barrier


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Erik Weihenmayer lost his vision at the age of 13 due to a degenerative eye disorder called retinoschisis. Despite his blindness Erik has become one of the most accomplished adventurers in the world. Determined to rise above his disability, Erik has redefined what it means to be blind, leading a fulfilling and inspiring life with his beautiful family.

The most recent proof that no barrier, in Erik's words, will stop him from finishing the story is the No Barriers challenge he has casted. The language of the No Barriers Pledge is clearly stated on his website www.kayakingblind.org:

I pledge to view my life as a relentless quest to become my very best self; To always view the barriers in my life as opportunities to learn; To find ways to work with others to build teams, serve those in need, and do good in the world; And to push the boundaries of what people say is possible; for only I know the potential that lies inside of me.

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