Ep. 307: Becoming a “Freestyle Deer Hunter” with Jesse Coots


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Today on the show I'm joined by New York bow hunter Jesse Coots to discuss the importance of being what he calls a “freestyle deer hunter" when targeting big old whitetail bucks.

Topics discussed:

  • A few thoughts on establishing personal hunting goals
  • Hunting your own hunt
  • What it means to be a "freestyle deer hunter"
  • Properly matching tactics to region and circumstances
  • The importance of putting yourself in new situations and hunting locations
  • How the hunters you surround yourself with can impact your hunting success
  • How to hunt October bucks in an area like New York VS Kansas VS Ohio
  • The importance of long-range glassing and scouting
  • How to hunt a deer from the outside in
  • Decoying whitetail bucks on the ground
  • Balancing family and hunting

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