Career Updates and Some Unsolicited Advice


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Currently on my September month long trip! Last week, we were in Chicago with Jadie and crew, and now we are in New York with Timmy’s family! The trip has been a balancing act between work and play just as I said would happen in this episode. Happy for the time away and feeling proud of myself for all that I am accomplishing at the same time. In this episode, I am giving you all my big career updates and advice! I run you through the details of designing COZeCO (including the ups and downs), how I stay motivated in times of doubt, the truth about my relationship with social media, advice for young women in the workplace and more! I love talking about this kind of stuff because the act itself can inspire me plus if I can pass on any tidbits of wisdom that makes me feel good. DM me any time you have questions!! Cheer yourself and those you work with on today. xo

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