From Batman to Bushi Tales - Talking to Dave Beaty


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David “Dave” Beaty got his start in the Comic Book industry in 1994 as a “ghost” artist working on backgrounds for Guardians of the Galaxy annual #4 for Marvel Comics. Since that time he’s been published as a writer, penciler, inker, cartoonist, and colorist. He has done “credited” work for BOOM Studios, Antarctic Press, Aspen Entertainment, Marvel Comics, and DC Comics. He is known mostly for his work on such titles as Justice League of America, Grifter, Batman Inc, Flashpoint Wonder Woman, Brightest Day and his creator owned series Bushi Tales. He is also a highly sought after sketch card artist who has worked on numerous high profile sets featuring lots fan favorite charaters such as Superman, Batman, X-men, Mighty Mouse, Betty Boop, and Vampirella.Currently he is working on several new creator owned titles. Dave lives in Prescott Valley, Arizona with his lovely wife Micah and their three pets (Sato, Nermal and Kirby the wonder dog).

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