Morris Dancing, Jacqui Oatley & Ben Bloom, Maya Foa & Andrew Mitchell MP, Bletchley veteran Betty Webb


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Anita Rani talks to Boss Morris the all-female Morris dancing team based in Gloucester who'll be marking May Day by leading a livestreamed dance. We hear from Bletchley Park veteran Betty Webb and discuss the issue of female football commentary and whether it needs to should become more critical as the success of the game develops. Around 15 British families remain detained in North East Syria. A new report released today by the NGO Reprieve suggests that the majority of British women there are victims of trafficking, based on evidence that these women were all subjected to sexual and other forms of exploitation, and were either transported to Syria as children; coerced into travelling to Syria; or kept and moved within Syria against their will. Andrew Mitchell MP and Maya Foa from Reprieve discuss the report. Presenter: Anita Rani Producer: Lisa Jenkinson Studio Engineers: John Boland and Bob Nettles.

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