How to be assertive; Rural domestic abuse; Author Helen FitzGerald


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In the latest of our How to guides, we discuss the art of being assertive and explore why it can be so difficult for women to stand up for themselves, assert their own needs and make themselves heard. Jenni is joined by journalist and author of the Power of Rude, Rebecca Reid, Journalist, broadcaster and author of The Shift, Sam Baker, and actor, podcaster and writer Kelechi Okafor. Recently we spoke to 16 year old Rhea in Shetland about the stories she had collected about sexual violence in her area. Last year, Judith, who moved to the Scottish Highlands from London, told reporter Kathleen Garragher about the culture of privacy and keeping yourself to yourself. When her husband became abusive she didn’t feel able to ask for help. The author Helen FitzGerald on her latest domestic noir thriller – Ash Mountain – set in a small Australian town threatened by bush fires and the impact of historic sex crimes. Helen trained as a social worker in the probation service and her novel The Cry about the disappearance of a baby following a flight to Australia was adapted for BBC TV in 2018. How much of her life has been influenced by her own childhood experiences growing up in Australia? Presenter: Jenni Murray Producer: Henrietta Harrison

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