Weekend Woman's Hour: Peggy Seeger, Exam Stress, Candice Carty-Williams


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Emma talks to Peggy Seeger who has enjoyed six decades of success with her music. Peggy was married to the singer Ewen McColl. Together they revitalised the British Folk Scene during the 50s and 60s. Now 86 years old, Peggy's own songs have become anthems for feminists, anti-nuclear campaigners and those fighting for social justice. Exam season is upon us - Highers have begun in Scotland and A-levels and GCSEs start on the 16th May, but maybe your kids have end of year exams coming up too. As a parent what is the best way to support your child? Anita is joined by Dr Jane Gilmour, a Consultant Clinical Psychologist at Great Ormond Street Hospital. Candice Carty-Williams described her very successful first novel Queenie as 'the black Bridget Jones'. She has described her new novel People Person as her ‘daddy issues’ book and in it she celebrates families of all sorts. Her aim, she says, is to make visible the people she knows and the experiences she has had. As Anne Robinson announces she's stepping down as the host of the Channel 4 quiz show Countdown, Emma Barnett catches up with her. Robinson was the first female to ever host the show, with 265 episodes under her belt since she joined just a year ago. It’s been just over a year since the former husband of ITV presenter Ruth Dodsworth was jailed for coercive controlling behaviour and stalking. In a new ITV Tonight programme ‘Controlled By My Ex Partner: The Hidden Abuse' Ruth explores the crime of coercive control and what needs to be done to stop it. Milli Proust, writer and floral designer in West Sussex, and Georgie Newbery, a flower farmer, discuss the growing trend of cut flower gardening. Sex Parties have gone from being fringe underground raves to large, well-established sell-out club nights, in the last few years. We hear from Dr Kate Lister, Sex Historian and Author of A Curious History of Sex and Miss Gold - who runs One Night Parties, a sex party in London.

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