The Difference Between Hard Work and Working Hard


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Ep #160: The Difference Between Hard Work and Working Hard
Welcome to our first episode of 2023! As you set your big, exciting goals for the new year, I want you to keep this in mind: In 2023, you need to stop working hard, and start leaning into hard work. Yes, there's a difference. Most of the women I work with have a strong desire to avoid burnout, to avoid stress, to not get promoted into a role that’s going to force them to have no other priorities in their lives. And I get it. I started my business to be happy, not miserable. But there’s a problem that can sometimes arise from this mindset: We can sometimes focus so much on NOT burning out, that we fail to set (and reach) those big, exciting goals. So in this episode of Women Changing Leadership with Stacy Mayer, I’ll reveal the difference between hard work and working hard so you can do the important things that will set you up for major success this year (while avoiding the things that suck up all your time and energy and give you nothing in return).
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